Helical Pier Training

A trainer from Foundation Supportworks worked with several of our employees last Wednesday to train and educate them on the installation of Helical Piers. The early part of the afternoon consisted of book training and the fine details of installation. The hands on experience came after, installing a test pier in the ground behind our building. With years of equipment and construction experience, our employees learned this new task very quickly and were successful in their first attempts.

With the oversight of the Foundation Supportworks trainer, the team went on to install 16 piers at a small job in Decatur at the end of the week. They were able to successfully install all 16 piers in a timely and professional manner.

IPAD Training

Last Thursday, our Field Superintendents met in the office for IPAD training. To keep up to date on new technology and systems, the company holds meetings for new and refresher training courses with the employees as needed. To keep inter-company communication and access to documents running smoothly, it is important for employees in the field and office to be able to know and use their technology.