In all aspects of our business and operations, Tri-State Pier constantly strives for the highest level of performance in regards to health, Safety and Environmental concerns.  This fundamental responsibility is a reflection of the core values that guide how we work in the field, at our customers’ sites, in our offices, our manufacturing facilities and our personal lives. Tri-State Pier has a solid reputation for commitment to complying with regulatory and legislated requirements, and to protecting the safety and well-being of our employees, others involved in our operations, customers and the public. We lead, train, and equip employees to anticipate hazards and risks in order to avoid injuries and incidents.

We constantly target a zero incident culture and routinely conduct workplace reviews of our safety practices to attain this goal.  Managers are actively engage in supporting a strong safety culture by establishing safety metric goals, conducting regular site safety visits, overseeing incident reviews, and facilitating safety program support. While our renowned innovation is core to our success, we strive to ensure that at the end of every day everyone goes home in the same or better health than when they came to work.


A comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs and expectations are the key to Tri-State Pier’s success. Quality begins and ends with the customer. Tri-State Pier will ensure quality is delivered for every project with integrity and consistency to meet those goals by providing 100% self-inspection of all work performed with an ultimate goal of Zero rework. Understanding and utilizing implemented quality procedures and processes to maintain efficiency and quality standards is a core requirement of every project. Tri-State Pier is committed to identifying our success and failures, by maintaining effective and fluid communication throughout all levels of the organization, with the ability to continually improve upon our failures and continue with our successes. Tri-State Pier's training and mentorship program enables the understanding of our overall goals and ambitions to create a highly skilled workforce while maintaining customer satisfaction.


Tri-State Pier will not accept anything less than achieving industry excellence and total customer satisfaction through the execution of our Quality System.